Merge and Relink


Merge and Relink - v1.23

What do you think...  Merge and Auto-Relink in the same moment ?!  :)

It merge model file and search for missing new assets in closest folders to merged file.

How it works:
Lets say you merge tree model form Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/Tree004.max

1. It search first in the same folder Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/
2. Then it goes one folder lower and search in all subfolders of Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/
3. And then -> auto-relink assets to paths
4. DONE :)

Test version is just drag and drop to max:
Standard Merge window will pop up, do the same as always-> choose file -> objects and all is Merged and Relinked !

Free test version: It search only in root folder of merged file. If you have textures/assets in the same folder it will work :) For other cases please use Full or Pro version. (please check scriptspot or turbosquid)

Full version - search for missing files in all sub-folders after step down from merged path. (available on turbosquid and here - after purchase will be send in next few hours)

Version PRO is on the way. For quick search on whole drive. More info soon. :)

Everybody who buy this version will receive all updates - till v2.00