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Gamma Organizer

Gamma Organizer

Gamma Organizer Pro with Bitmaps Listener and show by selected objects.


It shows Bitmaps with Slots and Classes where they are located.


It helps to switch gamma in Normal Bump to prevent VRay render crash

( when merged models came with automatic gamma in Normal Map)


Normal Bump for VRay Render should be Override 1.0

VRay Normal Map - recommended - Override 1.0

Corona Normal Bump - recommended - Automatic


Filter by:

- Selected Objects

- Selected Material

- Bitmap type:

   - All

   - Normal Bump

   - VRay Normal Bump

   - Corona Normal Bump


3 different Gamma / Color Space settings for

   1. Gamma (BitmapTextures, Corona, FStorm, RedShift, Octane)

   2. VRayHDRI / VRayBitmap

   3. Arnold Image


Possible to change global Input / Output gamma values.



Software requirements:

Change Bitmap input gamma works in 3ds max 2014 and up.


Full info and changelog:


Available licenses:
1. Commercial License
2. Personal License ( -22% )
  - to buy a Personal License - use the discount code: "Personal-Use-Only"
  - Personal License can only be purchased once by each user



Each license can be activated on 1 PC only


Activation info will be send by Pixamoon's automated email few minutes after purchase.
Please make sure to enter correct email address during purchase.

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