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Library Track / Relink

Library Track / Relink

Library Track / Relink... works with Multiple .MAX .MAT or XRef files without opening them.


Dedicated to organize, collect or relink whole model library or all projects after moving them to new location. Just few clicks and they ready to merge / open !


Some of the options:


- Find all max, mat files in Selected folder + all subfolders (eg Library folder)


- Show assets status ( OK - network, Found - local, Not found ) Status is based on real check if file exist in network or HDD, not from asset manager.

- File status in 3 colors - (colors customizable in settings)


- Show and change asset paths in multiple max files without opening them.


- Sort files by name, image width, height, file size, path, gamma, texture name, status (Found - network, Found - local, Not found)


- Change / Rename paths (with paths history and rename path prefix eg. change only server/drive letter)

   * Choose path from history + used paths in current project

   * Pick new path

   * Change Drive letter

   * Batch rename paths beginning ( drive letter or paths C:\sample\abc\ and rename them to Z:\3d\sample\abc\ )


- Rename / Copy / Move selected files on HDD (copy with new name or rename + replace path in max file)


- Move / Copy local files to network with auto path replacing (for distributed / network render)


- Collect selected or all assets from multiple Max Files:

   * with path structure - similar to max archive

   * creates archive without opening 3ds Max

   * change asset paths to new location


- Supports files in IFL - sequence image files - resize / copy / path replace + rewrite IFL to relative paths


- It works with all kind of external assets VrayBmpFilter, VrayHDRI, VrayProxy, VrayIES, CoronaIES, Xrefs and much more


- Track, Auto-Relink, Collect all Assets inside of Xref files.


- Find and auto relink assets


- Resize bitmaps


- Batch Re-save Max files - to clean or convert scenes to Corona or FStorm, It has also option to use your own custom scripts (see screenshot below)


- Batch Proxy Exporter - to export or convert scenes to VRay or Corona Proxy



Full info and changelog:



Available licenses:
1. Commercial License
2. Personal License ( -22% )
  - to buy a Personal License - use the discount code: "Personal-Use-Only"
  - Personal License can only be purchased once by each user



Each license can be activated on 1 PC only


Activation info will be send by Pixamoon's automated email few minutes after purchase.
Please make sure to enter correct email address during purchase.

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