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Merge and Relink

Merge and Relink

Marge and Relink can find and Relink new assets during Merge process. All in background so you don't have to do anything.


Easy and fast. It searches for merged assets in:
 - the closest folders to merged file
    - same loaction
    - step one (or more) folder lower and searches there (plus subfolders)
 - it can search in any path location + maxFilename subfolder
 - it can search in any specified folders

It searches in paths on the list from top to button till it finds all asset paths
Possible paths structure:
.\ - means it will search in the same folder as the merged file
..\ - means it will step down one folder and search in there
..\..\ - means it will step 2 folders down and search in there
and so on with any number of ..\

 - '$scene' - will be replaced with merged filename (Bed0001 etc)

and of course possible just any paths: D:\Models\_textures\Lamps\ etc



Full info and changelog:



Each license can be activated on 1 PC only


Activation info will be send by Pixamoon's automated email few minutes after purchase.
Please make sure to enter correct email address during purchase.

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