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drop All Here

drop All Here

drop All Here is new drop window for many purposes :


drag and drop:
 - multiple Max files to Merge and Auto-Relink
 - Max files with Assets to Merge and Relink
 - Max file to Open and Auto-Relink
-  XRef files + Auto-Relink Assets in XRefs (if file newer then 2009)
 - Assets files or folders to Auto-Relink
 - Folders with assets. Script will find subfolders and all files to relink missing assets.
 - Collect Assets to Project folders (with custom paths structure) + Auto-Relink them in project
 - import multiple DWG files to create grouped flrplans, elevations etc (named by file (00-CAD-elev-001 etc)
 - import multiple 3ds files
 - drag and drop image files - it will create VRay material with loaded images into slots by filename suffix
 - drag and drop from Connector - in case 3ds max drag and drop does not work (known bug in new 3ds max version)

When you buy new model and you need to quickly merge it with auto-correct paths - just drop all here and done!
Coming next:
 - copy / paste objects with Auto-Relink and Collect Assets to project folders (Textures, Proxies etc)
 - and much more possible functions.

 To install on toolbar:
   drag and drop .mzp file to max window
   goto: Menu > Customize > Customize User Interface > Tab Toolbars
   find Category: Pixamoon
   drag and drop  "drop All Here"  to a toolbar


How to use:
 - choose: Merge, Open, XRef, Assets
 - drag and drop files to drop field (below buttons)
 - right click over buttons to change Auto-Relink Paths:



Full info and changelog:



Available licenses:
1. Commercial License
2. Personal License ( -22% )
  - to buy a Personal License - use the discount code: "Personal-Use-Only"
  - Personal License can only be purchased once by each user



Each license can be activated on 1 PC only


Activation info will be send by Pixamoon's automated email few minutes after purchase.
Please make sure to enter correct email address during purchase.

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