Library Track / Relink ...


Library Track / Relink... is similar to my previews script Bitmap Tracking / Resizing... or Asset Tracking. But it works with multiple Max files at once.

Easy auto-repath whole new model library with one click. And they are ready to merge !

Still beta / test version but most functions works already  :

- Find all max, mat files in Selected folder + all subdirectories (eg Library folder). - Search in all my projects took 9s found 5200 max files.
- Get and change all asset paths in multiple files at once without opening them.
- Change / Rename paths (with paths history and rename path prefix eg. change only server/drive letter)
     * Choose from path from history (already used paths in current project)
     * Pick new path
     * Change Drive letter
     * Batch rename paths beginning ( drive letter or paths C:\sample\abc\ and rename them to Z:\3d\sample\abc\ )
- Rename selected files on HDD (copy with new name or rename + replace path in max file)
- Sorting files by name, image width, height, file size, path, gamma, texture name, status  (Found - network, Found -  local, Not found)
- File status ( OK -network,  OK - local,  Not found ) Status is based on real check if file exist in network or HDD, not from asset manager.
- Resize bitmaps to 2k, 1k, 512, 256, 128, 64px and save in new folder (not available in demo)
   - easy batch resize and reconnect selected bitmaps (by size) before sending to external renderfarm,
   - resize bitmaps in large animation scenes to reduce memory usage,
- Move / Copy local files to network with auto path replacing (for distributed / network render)
- Copy selected to one path with path replacing or just copy files - collect selected to project folder or quickly copy+change selected paths to not show your paths structure
- Collect all or selected assets with path structure - similar to max archive
- Collect all assets + root Max file -> creates archive without opening 3ds Max + changing asset paths to relative
- File status in 3 colors -> Found - network, Found -  local, Not found ( eg.: easy sort and select all local -> copy selected to network)
- Supports files in IFL - sequence image files - resize / copy / path replace (not in demo version) + rewrite IFL to relative paths
- Script works with all kind of external assets VrayBmpFilter, VrayHDRI, VrayProxy, VrayIES, CoronaIES, Xrefs and much more
- Track, Relink, Collect all Assets inside of Xref files.
- Find and auto relink all "not found" assets. (Only in full version)

Coming in next version:
- On auto relink - check if there are multiple files with the same name


Full info on:


Each license can be activated on 1 PC only

$ 18  - commercial use - suggested price
$ 14  - personal use - (can be purchased only one time by each user)
$ 10  - educational use - (can be purchased only one time by each user)


Let me know what you think. Waiting for all sugestions.