Favorite Scripts


Favorite Scripts is an automatic menu for .ms and .mse scripts

.ms and .mse - scripts which comes without installation packages.

It automatically finds folders (categories) and scripts in specified location.

You just need to select location and sort your scripts to folders(categories) in there. for eg:
 Project Management

To Open/Explore folder with script - hold Ctr while choosing script from menu
To edit script - hold Shift

Full version:   Price depends on you, how much you like the script / idea, you can choose your price

What do you think ?

Each license can be activated on one PC only

$1 - $3              - personal use only (limit 1 license per person)
$4 and more      - commercial and personal use (1 license per computer)

Comes with free updates till v2.00.

More info and changelogs on: