Copy Paste DWG


This is another simple script to speed up some everyday modeling work....

Just to simply Copy Paste selected from AutoCAD or DraftSight to 3ds MAX

IIt copy only selected, so its easy to split dwg to separate objects (elev from plans etc)

How to do it:
- select drawing in Autocad (best if you clean it first of course :)
- press Ctrl-C   (as always copy drawings in Autocad or DraftSight)
- go to 3ds Max
- run script  (drag and drop or choose from scripts menu)
- done

How it works ?
It just reads AutoCAD or DraftSight clipboard and import it to MAX

To switch between AutoCAD and DraftSight press AutoCAD button


Full version v1.24
 - automatically switch between AutoCAD and DraftSight
 - new method to find latest DWG clipboard
 - new "u" check button - make group name unique + right click "u" -> make uniqe group names on paste
 - classic import options (scale etc)
 - remove materials from imported
 - remove ColorByLayers
 - white wirecolor to black
 - unlink blocks - unlink parent / children relationship
 - move all pasted objects to one layer
 - delete pasted empty layers
 - make all splines flat to z = 0

 - group imported objects
 - zoom to pasted
 - select pasted objects

 - installation package with toolbar icon and shortcut
 - save default paste settings
 - save dialog position

 - press Enter or SpaceBar for quick accept
 - press Esc to quit

- AutoCAD version has to be older or the same as 3ds MAX version, but please try Lite version and let me know
- It comes with free updates till v2.00.

Full version:   Price depends on you, how much you like to pay, how much you like the script.

Prices lower than $4 are only for personal use - 1 license per person
If you buy for commercial / office use - please choose regular price: $4

Licenses purchased for less than $4 do not include any maintenance or customer support.


Enjoy !