Object ID Organizer


Object ID Organizer is similar tool to my previous Material ID Organizer.

It helps to quickly organize / inspect Object IDs in the scene and create MultiMatteElelemnts or Corona CMultiMatte.

- Assign ID by click on ID button
- Select by ID: right-click on ID button
- Sort object list by Name, ID, Class or Layer
- Reset all MatID to 0 (select all -> press 0 button)
- Select and Auto-select by selected Objects
- Select and Auto-select by selected Layers
- Filter and Auto-filter by Objects (it will show on list only selected objects)
- Filter and Auto-filter by Layers (it will show only nodes from selected layer)
- And otherway - select scene objects by selected list items
- Add / Delete MuliMatteElements or Corona CMultiMatte (depends of current renderrer)
- Buttons 0 to 149 (just scroll down)
- 2 Highlight Button colors:
   - Blue - shows used Object ID
   - Red - shows selected items

Full info / changelogs on:

- prices:
   $6             - personal use only  - limited to 1 license per user
   $8             - commercial and personal use

- include free updates till v2.00
- each license can be activated on one PC only