drop All Here


drop All Here is one drop window for many purposes :

- drop multiple Max files to Merge and Auto-Relink
- drop Max files with Assets to Merge and Relink
- drop Max file to Open and Auto-Relink
- drop Assets to Relink
- drop Folders with assets. Script will find subfolders and all files to relink missing assets.
- drop multiple DWG files to create grouped flrplans, elevations etc (named by file (00-CAD-elev-001 etc)
- import multiple .3ds files
- drop image files - it will create VRay material with loaded images into slots by filename suffix
- drag and drop from Connector - in case 3ds max drag and drop does not work (known bug in new 3ds max version)

Coming next:
- copy / paste objects with Auto-Relink and Collect assets to project folders (Textures, Proxies etc)
- and much more possible functions.

Full info and changelog on:

Finally full versions available to buy.

- prices:
  $6             - personal use only  - limited to 1 license per user
  $8             - commercial and personal use

- include free updates till v2.00
- each license can be activated on one PC only