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By pixamoon, Aug 30 2017 09:39AM


This is quick tutorial: how to install Auto Cad scripts to be able to copy from newer Auto Cad to older 3ds Max. (eg. Auto Cad 2018 -> 3ds Max 2016 or older)

It happens when using Copy Paste DWG script - you may get this error message (see below) - It means: version of dwg temp file is too new to open with current 3ds max.

I did some research and here is my quick solution - I created small Auto Cad script to save temp file as older version.

To install it please follow this manual:


First lets check if "acaddoc.lsp" file already exists.

Please type in autocad: (findfile "acaddoc.lsp")


if returns 'nil' than all is ok and you can copy those 2 LSP files to:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\Support\en-us (or other Auto Cad version)


if return full path to "acaddoc.lsp" eg. "C:\\ProgramFiles\\Autodesk\\......"

- nawidate in windows explorer to shown folder "C:\\ProgramFiles\\Autodesk\\......"

- copy there only: Pixamoon-CopyToV2013.lsp (or other version)

- follow instruction from image

- top Menu -> Tools -> Local Applications -> press Conntents -> press Add

- choose C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\Support\en-us and add Pixamoon-CopyToV2013.lsp (or other version)

Here installation is done

Restart Auto Cad

Now you can use command "PXMCOPY" instead of Ctrl+C (or just type "px" - rest will be added automaticaly)


To paste to 3d Max please use Copy Paste DWG in verison 1.24.02 or newer


Download links:

Save to 2013 - max 2013-2017

Save to 2010 - max 2010-2012

Save to 2007 - max 8 - 2009


You can also replace standard Ctrl+C (COPYCLIP) to new PXMCOPY macro

Go to top menu and pick Tool -> Customize -> Interface...

in Customizations in All Files filed:

-> navigate to Menu -> Edit -> Copy -> select Copy element

in Properties filed navigate to macro

-> replace ^C^C_copyclip to ^C^C_pxmcopy


If you replace old Ctr+C to new PXMCOPY macro you will not be able to copy between AutoCad instances. If you still need to copy / paste to drawing to other AutoCad is better to just type PXMCOPY and keep old COPYCLIP as Ctrl+C shortcut.


I'll will try to create easier installation method later, but for now please try this tutorial.

Let me know if works with your configuration



By pixamoon, Jan 12 2017 03:14PM

Hi, Let's start some tutorials / blog here. Hope it will be helpful :)

I've got a question if I know any program which can preview TX files. Hmm. I did some research and found that actually any image viewer can preview them if .tx extension is changed to .tif

Even default Window Photo Viewer can preview them lol TX files can be easily open as multi-page TIFF files.

So next idea was to enable them for windows Thumbnails... more research and YES we can.

It can be simply done by adding those keys to windows registry:

(+ in some cases clean explorer thumbnails cache)



"Content Type"="image/TX"





Here you can find download links (maxscript and .reg file):


Convert images to tiled, MIP-mapped TX files can be done with Bitmap Tracking / Resizing.

more info about it: